About me

My name is Delbani Mohamad, born on January 2, 1989 in Lebanon. I graduated from the Carol davila Faculty of General Medicine in Bucharest after obtaining a scholarship to study in Romania. The first academic year of study was 2007/2008 and the graduation was in 2013.

Studies and professional training

A period of internships followed through the largest emergency hospitals in Bucharest, where I decided to choose plastic surgery as my specialty. I practiced plastic and aesthetic surgery in several hospitals in Bucharest such as: Bucharest Emergency Clinical Hospital, Plastic Surgery Clinic, Repair and Burns Hospital and Bucharest University Emergency Hospital, plus many other hospitals and private clinics for residency training.

I became a specialist in plastic and reconstructive surgery in October 2019 after a training of about 6 years. Medicine is a broad field that requires continuous improvement and learning, which has led to my participation in numerous conferences and specialized courses both in Romania and abroad.

In Romania, aesthetics surgery has begun to take shape in the last 20 years and is an aspect that is very much related to the educational level of the population. Due to a remarkable rise in the evolution of cosmetic surgery in Romania, we guarantee for the quality of the services offered to our patients and for the excellent results of our procedures.


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